Encountering the Unexpected:
Glitches, (Dis)placements, & Marginalia
Syracuse University Religion Graduate Student Conference
March 25-26, 2016


Schedule at a glance

Friday March 25

  • 5:00-6:00 Registration
  • 6:00-7:00 Dinner
  • 7:15-8:30 Keynote by Pamela Klassen

Saturday March 26

there will be two panels during each time slot

  • 10:30–12:00 Panel Sessions A
  • 12:00–1:00 Lunch (off campus)
  • 1:00–2:30 Panel Sessions B
  • 2:45–4:15 Panel Sessions C
  • 4:30–6:15 Panel Sessions D

Detailed Schedule

Friday, March 25 2016

all events take place in the Hall of Languages


[one_third] 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm [/one_third][one_third] Registration[/one_third][one_third] HL second floor[/one_third]
[one_third] 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm [/one_third][one_third] Dinner[/one_third][one_third] HL 500 [/one_third]
[one_third] 7:15 pm to 8:30 pm [/one_third][one_third] Keynote:
The Margin is the Medium: Reading Religion on the Edge of Empire
Dr. Pamela Klassen, University of Toronto [/one_third][one_third] HL 500 [/one_third]

Saturday, March 26 2016


  • 10:30–12:00 Panel Sessions A

  • Rejustifying Margins: Narratives and Values — HL 504

  • Chair: Julie Edelstein, Syracuse University
  • Heir to the Apocalypse: Dystopian YA Novels, Transcendent Cultural Virtues, and the New Hope for the Time After Time
    • Wendy DeBoer, Syracuse University
  • Braj within Braj: Reading Jan Kavi’s Sufi Premakhyans as Minor Literature
    • Zoë Woodbury High, University of Chicago
  • Traditional Views of the Native American People Disrupted by Dreams
    • Tiffany Price, East Carolina University
  • Sin-Indication in Syndication: ‘Connection Lost’ as Televisual Hamartiology, or  A Practical Theology Viewing of/for the Hyper-Modern Family
    • Christopher The, Fuller Theological Seminary
  • Christian Border Patrols — HL 205

  • Chair: Clara Schoonmaker, Syracuse University
  • The Collision of Religion and Information Studies in mid-20th Century Church Libraries
    • Meredith Ross, Florida State University
  • “The Split” in Berlin, Ontario’s Church of the New Jerusalem, 1888-1891
    • Christine Pugh, University of Waterloo
  • What Does Scripture Say? Glitches, Displacements, Marginalia, and Romans 9:17
    • Aaron Ricker, McGill University
  • 12:00–1:00 Lunch (off campus on Marshall St.)

  • 1:00–2:30 Panel Sessions B

  • Religion and Gender Out of Place — HL 202

  • Chair: Dimple Dhanani, Syracuse University
  • From Marginalization to Materialization: Towards a Feminist Re-Invention of the State
    • Stacie Swain, University of Ottawa
  • Dancing as Community: Emotion, Friendship, and Garba-Raas in the South Asian American Diaspora
    • Sujata Bajracharya, Syracuse University
  • Challenging Status: Women’s Role as Imams
    • Courtney Innes, University of British Columbia
  • Coping with Affective Glitches — HL 211

  • Chair: Jordan Loewen, Syracuse University
  • Ghost in the Machine: Possession, Corruption, and the Uncanny in Haunted Video Game Cartridges
    • John Sanders, Syracuse University
  • The Prophetic, Affective Glitch
    • Maria Junttila Carson, Syracuse University
  • Violent Events: Exploring Ethnographic Ethics
    • Clara Schoonmaker, Syracuse University
  • 2:45–4:15 Panel Sessions C

  • Diasporal and Displaced Communities — HL 207

  • Chair: Mallory Hennigar, Syracuse University
  • Pussywillow, Pierogi, and Polkas: Buffalo’s Dyngus Day as a Vehicle for Polish-American Cultural Definition
    • Rachel Eskridge, University of Delaware
  • Interpreting the “Hijra”: India’s Third Gender and its Religious Implications
    • Arunima Dey, University of Salamanca
  • The Spirit Comes Full Circle: A Story of Transnational Christianity among the Karen
    • Terese V. Gagnon, Syracuse University
  • Affecting the Marginal: Buddhist Volunteer Work and Social Services in Vietnam
    • Sara Ann Swenson, Syracuse University
  • Superhuman Encounters — HL 205

  • Chair: Adam DJ Brett, Syracuse University
  • Pyschonautic Explorations: Rituals, Wormholes, and Mystical Discourses within New Paradigm Spirituality Culture
    • John Cuda, University of Pittsburgh
  • The Problem That Haunts Our Society: The Ghostly Other
    • Chelsea L. Carskaddon, University of North Carolina, Charlotte
  • 4Q510’s Demonic Inventory: Philological Considerations and Intertextual Expansion
    • Katie Maguire, University of Toronto
  • 4:30–6:15 Panel Sessions D

  • Uninvited Guests & Atemporal Returns — HL 202

  • Chair: Sujata Bajracharya, Syracuse University
  • Messiahs in America: The return of Superheroes and the development of a modern American mythology
    • Adam DJ Brett, Syracuse University
  • If La Regenta had a blog: Literary waves and the new face of hysteria in Marialy Riva’s Young and Wild
    • Vinh Phu Pham, Cornell University
  • Hitler Rising (Again)?: The Reemergence of Nazi Symbolism and Ideology in the US, China, and Japan
    • Christian Jimenez, Rutgers University
  • Philosophy — HL 211

  • Chair: Sara Swenson, Syracuse University
  • Spectral Bodies: The Biopower of the “Christic Moment”
    • Paul James Fucile, Brite Divinity School
  • Rhizomes, Plateaus, and the Heideggerian Dasein
    • Hue Woodson, The University of Texas at Arlington
  • Myths of Error and Errors of Myth: Using Myth to Understand Philosophy and Eudaimonia in Plato’s Middle Dialogues
    • Emily Kotow, University of Calgary

This conference was generously funded in part by